Katie (ktknievel) wrote in wow_moderators,

World of Warcraft Public Post

This post is for members of the worldofwarcraft community. This post is to be used for problems with a post, comment, member, moderator or subject that has come up in that community. This post is screened so that ONLY moderators of the worldofwarcraft can view the comments.

This is also an ideal place for you to contact us mods for any other questions over a rule or warning. All of the moderators will have this post on tracking so that one (or more) of us can get back to you in a timely manner. Please do NOT post your complaints in the comments or via new threads in worldofwarcraft.

Note: I think it's time to point out that this is not like the official WoW forums, trolling is NOT allowed. Leave your attitude at the door or prepare yourself for a meeting with the banhammer. If you can't reply to comments and threads without snarkyness and bad attitudes, maybe you shouldn't leave a comment at all.

This post is also used for NEW MEMBERS! If you have a new journal or a journal with no entries but are interested in joining worldofwarcraft please leave us a comment here so that we can approve your membership! If we cannot contact you or hear from you, you will be rejected.

If you have any questions, this is the place for them :).

Don't forget to queue yourself with the actual community via the community profile or the following link

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